Open Source Covid19

Here are a collection of resources for 3D printable, Home DIY kits and files for the general public to use to help with Medical Supply shortages.

These are all open source files!

Please note that if you intend on supplying your local hospitals. You must check and recieve authorisation from a representative of that facility or governing body.


3D Printable

Snorkel adapters:

    Face Shields:

    No 3D Printer Required



    In response to the COVID-19 Crisis, volunteers have joined efforts to provide DIY masks and adapters to prevent spreading the infectious disease. These devices are intended to be used by people that are NOT in direct care of patients that are positive COVID-19 unless approved by an appropriate governing body.

    These are simply to provide an alternative for other ancillary departments and personnel in healthcare and lay people in other settings with some type of protection in order to reserve the medical grade, approved devices for our frontline providers.

    These devices are not manufactured to, nor meet any particular industrial or medical required standard. The homemade devices are made out of various materials and there is no representation or claim as to their efficacy to filter, block or protect against any pathogen or particle.

    Recipients are responsible to use their own judgement in deciding to utilize these homemade devices in any setting.