About Me

Have you ever broken something or lost a part that makes the rest of the part unusable?

I certainly have however since venturing down the path of 3D printing this has become less of a problem.

r3pro (re-pro) was founded by me; Phil Lee. I am an independent small UK business and pride myself in being able to design and produce functional products at a reasonable price. Some of my first projects involved reproducing objects that were hard to find or a tad expensive to purchase. 3D printing allows me to be creative and design everyday things that I previously could not do. It soon became apparent that other people were interested in my designs and solutions to problems.

The r3pro {re-pro} brand was born!

As you will see from my portfolio of products available I have a little bit of a passion for mountain biking, gadgets, and tools. Take a look through my shop and see if you can see a mount that will help you with your camera setup an accessory that you didn't realise you needed or a tool that will make, a job you have, just a little bit easier.

Please feel free to drop me a message, ask questions, or chat about a design requirement. I also offer a competitive printing service so if you find an item you would like printing simply send a link with a short message to info@r3pro.co.uk and I'd be happy to provide you with a quote for it.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


r3pro, Newbald House, Roxby Road,

Thornton Le Dale, North Yorkshire. YO18 7TQ