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Hey there!

I'm Phil Lee, the founder of r3pro.

I've a passion for mountain biking and gadgets, when I discovered 3D printing, I realised that I could make some really useful stuff for me and my friends, that I couldn't find in the shops (or at a decent price!). I ended up with quite a collection of products. I thought I couldn't be the only one that could use these so more recently, I've set up this store so that you can all enjoy them too :)

Feel free to drop me a message, to ask any questions you may have or chat about a design requirement. As well as my own products, I also offer a custom printing service, so if you find an item you'd like printing, simply send me a message and a link to the stl file to info@3dreproductions.co.uk, and I'd be happy to help out for a reasonable fee.

Cheers, thanks for the support, and enjoy!

- Phil & the r3pro team