Caliper Alignment Tool for Hope E4 and V4 Brakes

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Revolutionize Your Brake Setup with the Versatile Caliper Alignment Tool

Achieve precision like never before with the Caliper Alignment Tool by r3pro. Designed to centralize your calipers with your rotor effortlessly, this tool is your key to optimal braking performance. Not just limited to alignment, it multitasks as a bleed block and a travel block during transportation or servicing.

- Hope E4 / RX4
- Hope V4

Customization Options:
Select the ideal rotor thickness to suit your needs:
- Standard 1.8 - 2mm
- Heavy Duty 2.3mm
- Vented rotor 3.3mm

Package Includes:
- 1 x Caliper Alignment Tool

Important Notes:
- Please note that the Caliper Alignment Tool is NOT suitable for pushing pistons back.
- Pistons must be fully pushed back, and caliper bolts loosened before insertion.

Elevate your brake maintenance experience with the Caliper Alignment Tool by r3pro. Precision, versatility, and ease await you. Trust r3pro for unmatched quality and innovation in every detail.

Certificate of Registration for a UK Design
Design number: 6343178