Battery Strap and Bumper with Tile Pro Holder for DJI Avata

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Battery Strap and Bumper with Tile Pro Holder for DJI Avata

Increase the chance of you finding your drone when you are pushing the limits by attaching your 'TILE Pro' locating device. Add extra safety of your battery with this battery strap and bumper. 

Compatible with:

  • Tile Pro 2018
  • Tile Pro 2020

Helps with:

  • protecting your battery from bumps and crashes
  • preventing the loss of your battery during bigger crashes
  • holding a 'TILE Pro' location tracking device.


  • 1 x Battery Strap
  • 1 x Battery Bumper with Tile Pro Holder

Made from TPU

*Please note this product does not guarantee the safety of your battery, drone or location device
**Tile not included