r3pro Piston Release Tool for SRAM Guide RE Brakes

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Effortlessly address seized pistons in your SRAM Guide RE calipers with this dedicated tool, crafted for precision.

Compatible with the following caliper models:

  • SRAM Code RE

Important points to consider:

  • This tool is not designed for piston retraction.
  • Maximize savings by ordering 2 brake tools and enjoy a £2 discount. Remember to use the 'BRAKEBUNDLE' code at checkout.
  • Prior to tool use, ensure pistons are fully retracted for optimal results.
  • Please refer to the correct service manual here https://www.sram.com/en/service/manuals--documents/service-manuals

Don't let seized pistons hold you back from optimal brake performance. Get your r3pro Piston Release Tool today and experience hassle-free brake maintenance like never before.