r3pro Piston Release Tool for Hope RX4 Brakes

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Effortlessly address seized pistons in your Hope E4/V4 calipers with this dedicated tool, crafted for precision.

Compatible with the following caliper models:

  • Hope RX4 Shimano
  • Hope RX4 Sram

Important points to consider:

  • This tool is not designed for piston retraction.
  • Maximize savings by ordering 2 brake tools and enjoy a £2 discount. Remember to use the 'BRAKEBUNDLE' code at checkout.
  • Prior to tool use, ensure pistons are fully retracted for optimal results.

Don't let seized pistons hold you back from optimal brake performance. Get your r3pro Piston Release Tool today and experience hassle-free brake maintenance like never before.

Certificate of Registration for a UK Design
Design number: 6343177